Meiktila Education College Eligible candidates for PPTT (7/20) training

Eligible candidates for PPTT (7/20) training

  1. Name
  2. Registration number
  3. Date of birth
  4. Degree (major subject)
  5. Year of graduation
  6. Father’s name
  7. Admission point
  8. Entrance Township
  9. Religion
  10. Marital Status
  11. Facebook Account Name created with your real name
  12. Facebook Link with your real name
  13. Current Email Address
  14. Current phone number
  15. Contact Address (Full)
    Please send the above information to (or)Click on PPTT Registration Link by 20.8.2020.
    Note. : Training information can be announced through your email or website.
    Contact phone number 06423866

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